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About Tadoba --- Mohurli

No other destination can be better for zealous nature photographers and wildlife aficionados than the exquisite Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra. A wide array of exotic flora and fauna makes it one of the most frequented national parks in the country. Stretched across 1727.6 sq kilometers, Tadoba hold a remarkable population of tigers. To explore its natural vivacity, a swarm of tourists horde this park every year.


The safari in Tadoba Tiger Reserve will give opportunity to explore the rich wildlife of the park and spot the animals like tiger, leopard, wild dogs, sloth bear, etc.

Jeep Safari

The Jeep Safari is the best thing that one can experience in Tadoba National Park. The open Jeep ride, also known as tiger safari is usually of few hours in the dense reserve, where the chances of spotting a tiger and other wild animals are relatively high. The tourists can explore the Tadoba Park on open jeeps and view the habitat of wild animals.


Mahurli Gate, Dist. Chandrapur,

Amazing Jungle Adventure

The time is ripe to feast on the fruits of the forest, and it’s only going to get better in the coming months. Stalk the Royal Tiger, or amble through India’s exotic wildlife in Jeep, but whatever you do, don’t forget Hotel Tiget Inn of Tadoba --- Mohurli, Chandrapur forest adventures in India’s national parks.

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